Here’s a list of our blog posts since March, organised in groups.

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in one placeIn the absence of an index we hope you find this list useful for finding items you might want to read.

It includes links to the posts for Curriculum and Assessment, Professional Learning, Digital Competence and wider Education Reform.


If you find it helpful we’ll do this each term – please let us know. Continue reading

Latest Evaluation of the Pioneer Model of Curriculum Development

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459082897A bold, committed approach to curriculum development still needs thorough evaluation of the process to inform improvements as it goes along. The latest report from independent researchers does just that, and is a very accessible read.

It celebrates the approach being taken but suggests that schools outside the Pioneer network need more awareness of progress: Continue reading

Bountiful Estyn Report: Preparing for the Digital Competence Framework

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Estyn DCF July 2018 ENGHow well are schools preparing for the Digital Competence Framework? Kirsty Williams, Education Secretary, asked Estyn to report and highlight good practice that schools could learn from.

Their insightful findings look at leadership, the role of digital leads, and professional learning. Recommendations are offered to schools, consortia and Welsh Government.

The ‘Effective approaches to preparing’ section digs into the detail and gives useful pointers on topics from vision and planning through to resources and curriculum mapping. ‘Common characteristics of successful realisation of the DCF’ gives a checklist and even a tabulated chart for moving from ‘starting the journey’ to ‘sustaining progress’.

The report is clear that different schools may well take different approaches, but offers a wealth of good practice for all schools, showcased by multiple case studies.

Reducing the Attainment Gap: Learning from others but implementing in your own way – A message from Sir Alasdair McDonald.

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Multiethnic children in a circleWhile Pioneers are designing and developing the new curriculum and identifying the professional support the workforce needs, primary and secondary heads have been working with Government, experts and partners on co-constructing a new model of schools accountability.

In the new model every learner will count, which presents significant opportunities in terms of focussing on the progress of our vulnerable learners. However reducing the attainment gap between groups of learners is important right now, so action is underway to improve life chances for our pupils in many of our schools today; that work will be supported by our programme of education reform in Wales. Continue reading

Improving the experiences of Welsh Learners

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Symposium2It’s an exciting time for us in Wales in terms of the future of the Welsh language. Our Welsh language strategy Cymraeg 2050: A million Welsh speakers, sets the ambition clearly. The aim is to:



  1. increase the number of speakers
  2. increase the use of Welsh; and
  3. create favourable conditions for the language

We’re all aware that our education system has a significant contribution to make to achieve the long-term vision to reach a million speakers by 2050. Continue reading

How Cardiff and Vale College is embedding digital competence and developing its digital vision

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The journey to digital transformation is not an easy one and doesn’t happen overnight. Here’s the approach we’re taking at Cardiff and Vale College (CAVC).

DCF CAVC Hannah Profile Pic 300dpi

We are driving digital transformation in a number of ways, firstly through staff training and secondly through cultural change and change management.

Training is crucial, so we are using INSET days, workshops, one to one sessions, and departmental Digital Leaders providing bespoke training to support the teachers with Technology Enhanced learning (TEL) experiments, via the Microsoft Educator Community (MEC) website and the Microsoft Imagine Academy. Continue reading