Wales’ new curriculum and assessment arrangements are being built on progression – this is how it’s happening

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Progression - Pie chart EnglishOur new curriculum is on the way. It will offer teachers more freedom to teach in a way that best meets the needs of each of their pupils. At its heart it has the four purposes of education set out in ‘Successful Futures’

Learning will be organised in six ‘Areas of Learning and Experience’ (AoLEs) rather than narrow subject boundaries. Within these, statements of ‘what matters’ set out the most important knowledge, skills and experiences to be gained.

In line with ‘Successful Futures’, the Curriculum and its assessment arrangements will be built on Progression, so each AoLE will include progression steps. In this way learning and Progression go hand in hand, bringing a purposeful approach to sequencing learning. Continue reading

How ‘Areas of Learning and Experience’ are being developed as a central element of the new curriculum

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Group of teachers sharing information - SLO1The new Curriculum for Wales will comprise of Six Areas of Learning and Experience (AoLEs):

Expressive Arts;  Health and Well-being; Humanities;  Languages, Literacy and Communication;  Mathematics and Numeracy; Science and Technology.

But how do they connect to the four purposes set out in ‘Successful Futures’ and what do they comprise?

In this post we answer those questions, accepting that this is all still work in progress as development work continues into the Autumn. Continue reading

New ‘Curriculum Special’ Podcast

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microphone image for podcastProfessors Graham Donaldson, Louise Hayward and Mark Priestley all feature in a new podcast about our new curriculum.

Their observations give a fascinating insight into the work:

“For me the biggest issue is teacher autonomy” says Mark Priestley. “if a bird has been in a cage for 20 years it’s hardly surprising that if you open the cage it might not want to come out”. Continue reading

Learning Progression for Wales – new report informs a crucial aspect of Wales’ curriculum reform.

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Camau report pic childrenA new report from The CAMAU project describes latest findings in the ongoing work to develop progression frameworks for all areas of the curriculum.

The Research Report, newly published by University of Glasgow and the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD), identifies key emerging themes from research, from a survey of policy and practice in several countries, and from Successful Futures; it then explains how the findings have been considered by teachers from Pioneer Schools who have been working with the CAMAU team on developing progression frameworks. Continue reading

‘Sharing digital practices to support an evolving curriculum’

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NDLE 2018 sparkly handThis year’s National Digital Learning Event on 20th June will showcase innovative digital practices being developed in schools across Wales.

Practitioners will give practical insights into their approaches to implementing the Digital Competence Framework as part of wider curriculum reform. Continue reading

Estyn report: how primary schools are adapting their curriculum to respond to curriculum and education reforms

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CfW blog - images - Estyn review image - child with pencil rocketBetween January and July 2017, Estyn inspectors visited primary schools around Wales to understand how they are adapting to the forthcoming changes.

Their report, also strongly relevant to secondary schools, shows how schools at different stages of development are exploring new curricular approaches and teaching strategies. Twenty case studies have been included as examples. Continue reading