Pembroke Dock Community School – our approach to developing curriculum

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These honest, insightful videos show how Pembroke Dock Community School has been developing its new curriculum. All schools need to adapt their approaches to respond to local context, but for Pembroke Dock a national issue brought to their doorstep was a particularly strong catalyst.

Headteacher Michele Thomas

In these three films we see: The management team on the overall approach to developing curriculum, including engagement and enquiry; a whole school perspective featuring leaders, teachers, a governor, parents and pupils; and an explanation of how the cluster worked together.

The management team on the overall approach to developing curriculum:

A whole school perspective:

How the cluster worked together:

Pembroke Dock Community School are on their journey. But theirs is just one approach to curriculum development that works for their catchment, their cluster and themselves. Other approaches will depend on the location and context of your school.

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