Bountiful Estyn Report: Preparing for the Digital Competence Framework

Darllenwch y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg


Estyn DCF July 2018 ENGHow well are schools preparing for the Digital Competence Framework? Kirsty Williams, Education Secretary, asked Estyn to report and highlight good practice that schools could learn from.

Their insightful findings look at leadership, the role of digital leads, and professional learning. Recommendations are offered to schools, consortia and Welsh Government.

The ‘Effective approaches to preparing’ section digs into the detail and gives useful pointers on topics from vision and planning through to resources and curriculum mapping. ‘Common characteristics of successful realisation of the DCF’ gives a checklist and even a tabulated chart for moving from ‘starting the journey’ to ‘sustaining progress’.

The report is clear that different schools may well take different approaches, but offers a wealth of good practice for all schools, showcased by multiple case studies.

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