‘What Matters’ in building the new Curriculum for Wales?

Darllenwch y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

male student hands making research on laptop and browse internet for preparing exam and learning lessons in classroomInstant answers might leap to mind when you read this blog post’s title. But the post has a deeper intent – to delve into the theory of curriculum design.




Pioneer schools are currently working to develop the six Areas of Learning and Experience (AoLEs) and are taking a fresh approach to curriculum design.  

During this term, AoLE groups are working to determine ‘what matters’ – the key knowledge, skills and concepts – for their respective Areas of Learning and Experience. But how are they approaching this task?

‘Backwards Design’, ‘Big Ideas’ and ‘What Matters’  – can all sound a little hyperbolic, but they refer to some of the research that sits behind the approach. In a detailed blog post, James Kent of the Education Achievement Service summarises and explains. 




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