“If only we had this in England”

Darllenwch y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

The Digital Competence Framework’s 1st Birthday.

Steve Davies

At the NDLE conference in June, several guest speakers were heard to comment that the Welsh approach to digital competence was the envy of England. That should be a source of pride for Wales, but more importantly it shows that our children will be properly prepared for an increasingly digital world when they leave school.

In this first year it has been great to see schools being so positive about experimenting with the Framework and using the mapping tool to compare the good work they are already doing against its requirements.

I hope that by the time we reach its second Birthday, all teachers will feel more confident when integrating digital competence into their lessons. More and more learning opportunities for teachers will be available during this year to help bring that about.

Digital Pioneer schools are now actively looking to help other schools with implementation. They, together with our regional education Consortia, have fully embraced the partnership approach to supporting schools with necessary expertise.

At a time when it seems the world is changing faster than ever before, the Digital Competence Framework is a superb response and will help us future-proof our children’s digital learning. No wonder it is the envy of other countries.

Steve Davies

Director for Education and Schools

Welsh Government


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